Stacker Tables: Linked Fields

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Creating Links between Stacker Tables

Creating links between tables allows you to access records from another table to add into a specific layout or link records together, such as customer records, to the team members handling their inquiries.

  1. Click   Manage fields and data
  2. Click Fields
  3. Click + Add Field
  4. Name your field. We suggest a name that will clearly identify the link
  5. In the dropdown, select Link to Multiple Records or Link to Record
  6. Select the table the records will link to
  7. Linked records will always show the primary field of the table selected


In our Lawnify app, we have created a linked field between our customers table and our team table. This link will allow us to assign team members to customers.


This is a two way link. If one table is updated the other table will update to reflect the change.



With this link, you can create a Related Record List in your layout.

Deleting Linked field

  1. Click   Manage fields and data
  2. Click Fields
  3. Click the trash icon next to the linked field


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