Related record list widget not showing option

With a Related Record List widget, you can set the widget to include only related records. If you’re not seeing any options in the dropdown, this article might help you troubleshoot.


No options on a related record list

Trying to add a related record list to your layout and are getting No options:

  • The field type must be a Link to Multiple Records
  • Toggle on Allow linking to multiple records for the field in Airtable
  • Toggle on the linked field in Stacker for the field to show

In our properties app, we have added in a related record list to our layout, when our team logs in they can see their bookings on their profile. 


Toggle on Allow linking to multiple records for the field in Airtable Screenshot_2022-11-23_at_12.05.18.png

On the bookings table, the field is toggled on in Stacker.


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