Add new button showing when it shouldn't

Users do not have the permission to create a new record, but the Add new button is still showing on List Layout. 


  • The Add new button will always appear for admins, to see the change you need to preview as a user
  • Create permissions is still enabled 
  • User Roles need to be updated


When previewing as an end user, the Add new button shows on the page. In this situation, we don't want them to have the ability to create a new "Position".  



Checking Permissions

  1. Select the table in  Manage fields and data
  2. Select Permissions
  3. Add a new permission or edit an existing one
  4. Decide which Users this will affect under Permission Sharing, select Some Users
  5. Remove the ability to Create by unchecking the box at the top of the table 



Checking Roles

  1. Go to  App Settings
  2. Select Roles
  3. Choose the role that should not be able to create new records
  4. Uncheck the setting “Read/Modify all data
  5. The role will appear for you to apply permissions on



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