Upgrading Airtable data connections

Upgrade availability

The Airtable data connection upgrade is not yet available to everyone. We're working hard to make it available as soon as possible.

Airtable data connection upgrade explained

Airtable is deprecating their API keys on the 1st of February 2024 in favour of new authentication methods. This upgrade is required for your Airtable data connections to continue to function.


The upgrade does not change your data structure, layouts, or the end user experience, or change the cost of your subscription.

Why upgrade?

As mentioned above, past 1st of February 2024, upgrading your data connections to use the new authentication method is required for your app to continue functioning.


The new authentication methods also provide a higher standard for security, as compared to API keys. You can see more in this article from Airtable.


Personal Access Tokens and OAuth provide a higher standard for security over API Keys, which were the predecessor that provided “all-or-nothing” access over everything that an Airtable user account could see or do. These new methods have more granular control of resources and scopes and allow you to extend Airtable, all while ensuring the highest grade of security.

How to upgrade

You will need to upgrade for each data connection separately. To upgrade your Airtable data connection:

  1. Click  App Settings
  2. Click the Upgrade button
  3. Follow the flow which directs you to Airtable to grant access to Stacker
  4. We suggest you pick “all and current future bases” in the dropdown, so that you do not have to go through the full upgrade flow for future data connections. After granting access you will be redirected to Stacker.
  5. Click Grant access