Automatically assign Roles

Who can use this feature?

👤  Available on Pro Plan and above.


When using the "Automatic" access setting for your user's table, you can set filters to assign roles to your end users automatically. If you have not already, Enable Roles in your app and connect a user's table before following this guide. 

Add a Roles Field:

  1. Go to your Data Source
  2. Add a “single select” or “multi-Select” field titled “Role” or equivalent
  3. Assign your users a “Role” on the table


If you are using an external data source, please sync your schema and enable the new field

Role Conditions:

  1. Go to  Manage Users
  2. Select  "Setup user table" next to the user's table name
  3. Select “Add Conditional” Filter
  4. Choose the Role name
  5. Select “Filter” and choose the field named “Roles”
  6. Choose the Role name in the next drop-down
  7. Repeat as needed


You can set a "Default role" for users that do not have an assigned role.

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