Real time Airtable sync

Who can use this feature?

👤  Available on all plans with upgraded data connections.

Real time Airtable sync explained

Our Airtable real time sync feature enables you to keep your Stacker app fully up to date with your Airtable base. Data changes from your Airtable base are brought into Stacker live, powered by Airtable webhooks. This is great for when you are running Airtable automations, as data changed in your base will show in your Stacker app quickly. 


Real time sync is only a data sync. Schema sync will still run once a day, with you being able to trigger a manual schema sync whenever you like.


There are some limitations imposed by Airtable's webhooks, and some adjustments we've made in order to make sure your app performance stays snappy. We will keep this article updated with the latest considerations.

  • We are not getting notified about changes to the "last modified by" field
  • Formulas with references to NOW() and similar are not updated automatically.
  • Attachment links are not updated automatically— but we will get these once an hour to make sure they continue working.
  • While we get the data from Airtable almost instantly, we will refresh what you see in your browser up to two times within 30 seconds. The refresh limit is per browser, and independent for each user. If you make many changes in quick succession to your Airtable base, you may not see the changes for 30 seconds.