Auto-filling values into create forms

Who can use this feature?

👤  Available on all plans

You can pre-fill fields in create forms by constructing an auto-fill URL. You can then add the URL to your app as a button to allow your users to create new records with some fields already filled in. 


Field Types you can Auto-fill

  • Text fields- You can auto-fill short text or long text fields. 
  • Single and Multi-select fields- You can only auto-fill a single value for multi-select fields. 
  • Link to another record field- You can use the Stacker Record ID to link records.
  • Checkbox field- You use 'true' to fill the checkbox or 'false' to un-fill the checkbox.
  • Number, Percentage and Currency fields- You should type percentages as a fraction, for example, 40% is given as 0.4 in the URL. 

Basic Link Structure

Auto-fill URL format: /page/new?autofill__field=value

  • /page/new: The URL of your create form page.
  • field: The developer name of the field you want to fill. 
  • value: The content you want to auto-fill in the field.

Auto-fill Multiple Fields

  • Auto-fill multiple fields by adding the & separator in the URL, for example:

Find the developer name

  1. Go to  Manage fields and data
  2. Select the table name
  3. Select Fields
  4. Select Show developer name
  5. The developer name shows below the field name



Developer names are always lowercase and case sensitive

Pre-filling linked records

To auto-fill a link to another record, you need the Stacker Record ID for the linked record.

  1. Open the detail page of a record
  2. Find the Stacker Record ID in the URLCleanShot

How to create the Auto-fill URL in Stacker

  1. Go to  Manage Fields and Data
  2. Open the table you want the form to be accessed on
  3. Add a new URL field
  4. Insert the URL for the create form: https://[workspace] name/page/new
  5. Add ?autofill__field=value to the end of the URL
  6. Replace field with the Developer name and replace value with the content you are auto-filling

How to create the Auto-fill URL in Airtable

  1. Go to the table on Airtable you want to access the create form 
  2. Add a new URL field
  3. Insert the Auto-fill link: https://[workspace] name/page/new?autofill__[developer field name]=value

How to use your Auto-fill Link

  • Add a button or quick links widget on a detail record layout to use the URL from a field on your data source.
  • Add a banner widget on the detail record layout to use one URL for all of your records.
  • Add a button on a list layout to use the URL from a field on your data source.


Use an auto-fill URL to fill a create form based on a specific record. For example, you can create a new order for a particular item in an inventory table. Rather than writing the URL for each individual record, we can use a formula in Stacker or Airtable to do it automatically.

Auto-generation of Auto-fill URL links on Airtable

Auto-fill a field dynamically based on the current record, by using formulas in Airtable. 

The Auto-fill formula format:

'https//[workspace name][app name]/[Layout name]/new?autofill__field1=abc_'&Record ID()
  1. Create a new formula field on Airtable on the page you want to access the auto-fill URL
  2. Insert the Auto-fill formula using the URL from the Create form you want to auto-fill
  3. Replace field1 with the Developer field name
  4. Replace the abc with the three letters in front of the Stacker ID that can be found in the record detail URL CleanShot
  5. Use the RECORD_ID()Formula after the &sign

CleanShot 2023-08-30 at 07.43.57@2x.png

Auto-generation of Auto-fill URL links on Stacker

You can create an auto-fill link using a formula field in Stacker:

CONCAT("https://[workspace][app]/[table]/new?autofill__name=", {field name})
  1. Go to the table you want to access the Auto-fill link
  2. Add a new Formula field with the CONCAT( , ) formula
  3. Copy the URL from the Create Form you want to Auto-fill (example: https://[Workspace][app]/[table]/new)
  4. Paste the URL into the first part of the Formula:Concat(”URL here”,{field name})
  5. Add ?autofill_ _(developer field name)= to the end of the URL 
  6. Add the field you want to use to populate on the Create form: (example: {Order Name})

CleanShot 2023-08-30 at 07.53.27@2x.png