Automatically syncing data

How does data get updated in Stacker?

When you or your users make changes to your data in Stacker, those changes are reflected immediately in your data source.


When updates are made directly in your external data source - i.e. Airtable, Google Sheets or Salesforce database - they will be visible in Stacker in up to 15 minutes. This is because we re-cache the data every 15 minutes.


How can I increase the cache frequency?

It is possible to reduce the 15 minute sync time to 5 minutes by opting to add on our Fast Sync plan upgrade.


Fast Sync is available at an additional cost to your existing Stacker plan, priced at $79 monthly.


Contact support if you would like to upgrade today!



This article refers to changes to the data contained within your data source but not changes to the structure of the data itself (the schema), such as addition/deletion of new fields or tables.
Stacker will complete a schema sync automatically every 24 hours but you can manually run one as an app admin to see changes to your data structure reflected straight away. To find out more about syncing changes to your schema in Stacker, read the related article here.

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