Change the layout of a detail view

The detail view allows you to transform a single entry in your data source into a beautiful and easy-to-understand layout, which is a greatly improved experience for the users interacting with your data. You can customize the detail view layout to suit your data.

To edit the record detail page layout, navigate to the table you'd like to customize and click to open up a record and access the detail view.

You can then enter Design Mode by clicking  Edit Layout. It doesn't matter which record you open from the list view.

Changes you make to the detail view of one record will apply to all records in that table.

Record Detail Page Settings

You can use the page settings menu to change the configuration of your detail page layout. Access this by clicking  Edit layout:



Here you can choose the template you'd like to use to display your record.

  • Default is set as the standard and provides a single Fields widget as a starting point.
  • Listing will display a large image header above your content.
  • Profile creates a container on the left of the main body of content, suited for displaying a profile image and profile fields (you can click on this container to choose which fields to enable here).

Profile Image

Here you can tell Stacker which field to use to provide the record profile picture.

Page Buttons

Here you can create action buttons for your users to easily update information.


You can choose to split your layout across multiple tabs. This is great where you have lots of information and want to make it clear for your user what they are reviewing.

It's also useful for situations in which some information should be hidden from certain user types. You can apply conditional visibility to tabs to only show information to the right users.

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