Creating a Home Page

Who can use this feature?

👤  Available on all plans.

Create a home/welcome page for your users to land on to give context to your app.


Add a new table into datasource

In order to create a homepage, you need a table to work as the foundation. This table only needs a single record and only one field is required. Examples below are added into Airtable and Google Sheets.



Remember to run an update in your app and enable the new table. This new table will now show in your Navigation bar. 


If you do not want to add this into your datasource you can create a home/welcome page using our custom pages.

Add a Header

  1. Click   Edit Layout
  2. Select Header
  3. Add in a title and description if required
  4. Add in an image
  5. Choose color mode and overlay
  6. The size you want your header to be
  7. The image position



Set the display type

You will need to set the display type to One Record Only. This will allow adding further information onto the page.

  1. Click Edit Layout
  2. Click Display
  3. Select One Record only


Add widgets to the page

After setting the page to one record only you can customize by adding widgets onto the page.
  1. Click Edit Layout
  2. Drag over the Highlight widget at the top of the page (using the 'welcome' field)
  3. Drag over the Banner widget as text containers with additional information
  4. Add an Embed widget to add maps, videos, and other features
  5. Display important records from other tables using Record list

Set navigation

To make sure that users land on the home page we need to make sure it appears at the top of the navigation.

  1. Click   App Settings
  2. Select Navigation
  3. Drag the Layout to the top


Remove edit button

We don't want users to edit the page since it's going to be a static page of information for them.

  1. Click Edit Layout
  2. Click Page buttons
  3. Toggle off Edit button

Set permissions

To make sure that everyone has access to the page we need to set the permissions so that all users can see the page.

  1. Click Manage field and data
  2. Click Permissions
  3. Make sure Record Filters are set to All Records
  4. If there  are User Roles enabled, make sure permission sharing is set to everyone



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