Creating nested navigation - multiple list view layouts

Stacker allows you to duplicate list views to quickly create nested menu items in your navigation.

This allows you to create multiple views of the same data that you can then tailor for different types of users, or divide records up based on certain conditions.

To give an example: if you have a table of Customer details, you could create an 'All Customers' view which could be accessed by your Sales team, and a 'My Profile' view for individual customers. Both views would take data from the same original data source.

Duplicating a layout

To create a new list view, you must first duplicate the current layout:

  1. Navigate to the list you would like to duplicate and click  Edit Layout
  2. Click the page icon at the top right of the layout editor.
  3. You will be prompted to enter a new layout name. This will be used to determine: the navigation item, the list title and the URL of your new list page.
    Note: you can update the layout name later but this will not update the URL.

Editing Duplicate Layouts

Once you've duplicated a layout, you will see the new layout appear in the navigation menu, nested under the original page.

You can then begin editing the duplicated layout to create a unique view. Each list layout can have different filters, fields, displays and you can assign different access using Roles.

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