Importing your Airtable data

You can plug your data from Airtable into Stacker and use it to power your apps. Follow this step-by-step guide to set up the connection.

Preparing your Airtable Base

We recommend that you check if your base is set up correctly before connecting. We'll talk you through this below.


A quick note: Stacker pulls across the structure and content of your Airtable, but not the views you may have configured. So if you rely on table views in Airtable, for example, you'll need to recreate those in your Stacker app.

Make sure your data is linked

Stacker uses Airtable's link fields to understand the structure of your data, to allow you to show related data together, and to power the permissions system.

Airtable linked data

Prepare your user table

If you'd like to use one of the tables of your Airtable to provide users for your app, you'll need to make sure that this table has both a field for the user's name, and a field for their email.

Example Airtable table
Note: It isn't necessary to have a user table in your data source to set up your app - you can add users individually via email.

You can also create links between users and data directly in Stacker.

Connect to your Airtable

You can either create a new app, or add a new data connection to an existing app.

1. Name your data connection

We recommend that you give your data connection the same name as the base you're connecting to. This is because you can connect to multiple Airtable bases in Stacker and this should help you manage your connections.  

2. Enter your Airtable API Key

Find your API key on your Account page in Airtable. Generate a new key, or copy the existing one. Follow the instructions below to find your existing API key, or generate a new one.

Airtable API key example

3. Enter your Airtable Base Sharing Link

Follow the instruction below to generate a sharing link to your base.

  1. Generate a sharing link via the 'SHARE' button located at the top right of your base.
  2. Select Base and then go to the Share publicly tab
  3. Toggle on 'Enable shared base link (read-only)'.
  4. Copy the link


⚠️ Note: It is important to avoid regenerating both the sharing link and API Key for your base, because this will break the connection between Airtable and Stacker.

4. Is your base password-protected?

If so, click on the lock at the bottom and enter the password. Note: If you change your password, you will need to update it in Stacker

Next Steps

Once your connection is complete, you're ready for the next steps: 

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