Introduction to page layouts

Your data is presented on two levels in Stacker: the list view and detail view. 

Both can be customized to suit the needs of your business. In this article, we'll take you through some of the customization tools available in Stacker.

What is a list view in Stacker?

The list view is equivalent to a table in your spreadsheet and shows a summary of the records in a particular table.

List view in Stacker

You can customize the list view to curate the overview of your data that your users can access and choose exactly how it is displayed.

You can also create multiple versions of a list view layout, giving you even more flexibility in the way you present your data.

Editing layouts in Stacker

What is the detail view in Stacker?

The detail view allows you to transform a single row in your spreadsheet into a beautiful and easy-to-understand view. This gives a much improved experience for users interacting with your data.

You can completely reconfigure the detail view layout to suit your use case - you can change the template, add different widgets, split your data into tabs and add in custom action buttons.

Detail view in Stacker

You can also edit the create form layout to determine how your users will add information to new records.

Edit create new layout

You can access the different layouts for a given table from your data source by going to App Settings -> Settings -> Layouts on your navigation bar.

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