Set up User Roles

Who can use this feature?

👤  Available on Pro plan and above.

User Roles gives different user groups different permissions, you can choose to assign a client and team role for example, then apply permissions to these two groups to limit what they can see according to the role they have been assigned.

Enable User Roles

  1. Click App Settings
  2. Click Roles
  3. Click Enable Roles
  4. A default "User" role will be available, choose to change the name or delete the role


Adding Roles

  1. Click + Add a role
  2. Add in a name for your role
  3. Select which pages you want to give the role access to

In our Property app, we have added in two roles, one for the Team and one for the Client. For the Team role, we have given access to all pages in the app, whilst the Client role we can limit to the booking pages.


Checking the "Can read/modify all data" means your role will not appear in the permissions table. Uncheck this if you want to apply permissions to your roles.

It takes 5 minutes for roles to be updated in Stacker when a role is updated in a table.

With User Roles set up you can add multiple permissions rules, limit list layouts and limit the navigation items according to each role.

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