Syncing changes to your data structure

If you make any changes to your data structure, such as adding new fields or tables, they will not appear immediately in Stacker.


Stacker automatically syncs the data structure every 24 hours, however you can manually run a schema sync as an admin whenever you need in order to see changes reflected straight away.


Not all changes to your data structure will be automatically visible in your app after a schema sync.


We do not automatically enable new fields or tables in your app in order to ensure you are in control of what data your users can access. As such, in order to reveal new fields and tables to your users, you will have to enable them. The only structural changes that will be automatically visible to users are the removal of fields or tables.

How to manually run a schema sync in Stacker

To run a schema sync, navigate to the   App Settings, press the 'Schema' sync button for the data source you wish to update.



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