What can I build in Stacker?

You can build almost anything in Stacker - companies such as TED, Mozilla and Adobe have used Stacker to build apps including:

  • Self-service portals for customers and clients
  • Workflow apps for their team
  • Collaboration tools for partners
  • Vendor apps for updating information
  • Project portals for working with clients
  • Internal databases for teams

What can I build in Stacker?

Almost anything. If you have data stored in a spreadsheet that you need to share with internal or external users then Stacker is likely a great solution for you.


What's more, you can also choose what data your users can see and edit, giving you full control over your data.

Customer and Client Portals

The best businesses are continually looking for ways to improve their processes - but most don't have the luxury of hiring expensive designers and developers to build the software that would really help them to scale their business.


With Stacker, you can build the tools you need, in just a matter of minutes, without needing to touch a line of code.


Stacker allows you to set rules around who can see and edit your data. This is valuable because it means clients or customers can login to a Stacker app to update their data, or communicate with your company - but they can't access the data linked to other customers or clients.


Build a customer portal in Stacker

Internal tools

Stacker allows companies to build the internal tools that are crucial for their workflows. This might be a project management tool, an app to track job applicants or a cross-team collaboration hub.


An internal tool built in Stacker

Workflow tools

In Stacker you can allocate different roles to different users, meaning that you can control how - for example - managers, clients and customers experience your app, and what data they're all able to access and edit.


A workflow app built in Stacker

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