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Who can use this feature?

👤  Available on all plans.

The navigation bar is how your users find their way around your app. It contains all the pages the user can access in the app.

You can customize the navigation:

Edit Navigation bar

  1. Click   App Settings
  2. Click Navigation


Reorder menu 

  • Reorder the menu by dragging menu items
  • The item placed at the top of the navigation will become the page users will land on when they log into the app

Rename menu

  • Click on the pencil icon to rename the menu item, this does not affect the table name in your Data Source

Choose menu icon

  • Choose a menu icon to be displayed for easier reference on your navigation barScreenshot_2022-05-27_at_12.32.23_12.01.24.png

Roles in Navigation

  • By applying roles, you can limit which user roles will have access to the menu items

Here in our Property app, we have chosen to uncheck the role of 'Client' for one of our menu items. This means that anyone in our client role will not have access to that table when they log into the app.


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