Workspace Settings

There are lots of settings that you can customize in your Workspace, via the Workspace Settings. These can be found by clicking on the Workspace icon in the bottom left corner of your app.

Stacker Workspace screenshot

Workspace name and URL

You can choose both your workspace name and URL when you create the first Stacker app in your workspace. The workspace URL is where your users will access your apps from, for example,

You can change your workspace name without changing your workspace URL, or vice versa.
Changing Workspace name or URL

Changing your Workspace Appearance

Stacker allows you to customize and apply your branding to your workspace. You can upload a logo and choose the color of your nav and app bar.

The logo you choose will also be used to brand your workspace login and registration pages.

Workspace appearance settings

Managing your Workspace Users

It's easy to view and manage all of the users who are part your workspace.

When inviting users to join your Workspace, you must select which User Type they will be. There are two Workspace User Types:

  • Owner
  • Member

The difference between the two is determined by the choices you make in the Advanced section of the Workspace Settings.

Managing workspace users

If you have lots of users, you can quickly search them using the search bar in the Users menu. Simply type in a user's name or email to check if they've been added to your workspace.

You can remove users by clicking the edit button and pressing the 'x'. You can also change someone's user type (Owner or Member) by pressing edit and changing the option in the dropdown.

To invite a new user to your workspace:

  1. Navigate to the Users tab of the Workspace Settings window.
  2. Type their email address in the 'Enter email address' section at the top of the window.
  3. Select a Workspace User Type to assign to them.
  4. Press 'Invite' to send an email to the user asking them to register for your Workspace.
When you invite a user to join your Workspace, they will see and have access to all of the apps that are shared with all workspace members.

The new user is given the default role for each of your apps - so any permissions you've applied will also be applied to your new user.

If you want to grant different access to your new user- for example to give a user admin rights to a particular app - you can do so by selecting 'Users' in the bottom left of your app screen.

Advanced Workspace Settings

Stacker allows you to choose how you distinguish between Owners and Members by adjusting which features each can control.  

You cannot transfer powers only to Members and not Owners. Owners are always the higher level of access for the Workspace.

You can choose to allow either only Owners or both Owners and Members to:

  • Create apps
  • Invite users
  • Manage users: remove users or change their access levels
  • Access Billing
  • See Stacker Support
  • View Workspace Settings, including the list of members and their access levels
  • Edit Workspace Settings, including the name and appearance

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