Workspace Users

Stacker allows you to add users directly to your workspace so they can access one or more of your apps. There are two methods of adding users:

Method 1: Add a user to the workspace via Workspace Settings

You can add a user to the workspace by navigating to your workspace settings (click on the workspace icon above your avatar) and open the users tab.


Here you can input the user's email address and select which Workspace User Type you would like to assign them.

Adding users this way will grant them access to any apps that have been set to be shared with all workspace members by default.

If you want to change a user's access for a specific app you should do so in the App Sharing Settings - we'll take you through this now.

Method 2: Add a user to the workspace for a specific app

You can add a user to an app within a workspace by opening the User Settings, accessed by clicking on the  Users icon.


You can then add a user by entering their email address.

Next, you can choose to assign the user a Role for this particular app. Find out how to set up Roles here.

Note that adding users in this way also adds them to the rest of the workspace. They will be given access to all shared apps by default.

If you want to change a user's access for a different app, navigate to that app and amend the user's role in the app's User Settings.  

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