Multiple permission rules

Who can use this feature?

👤  Advanced Permissions are available on the Pro plan and above.

In some cases you'll need complex permission rules. If you have set up user roles you will most likely want to create a different rule for every user role. 

Add another permission

  1. Go to the page where you want to add the additional permission rule 
  2. Click   Manage fields and data
  3. Click Permissions
  4. Click + Add permission



For example, in our property app we have added a permission rule for the team role, and also a permission rule for the Client role. The Team role rules grant read, edit, and create access for the sales table, whilst the Client permissions grants only read rights. This means users with the Client role will not be able to edit or create anything on the sales table.


  • You can have a different rule for different User Roles
  • You can apply multiple rules to one User Role.
If you edit a rule so the user can't perform a particular action, double-check that you don't have any other rules giving them access. Think of permissions as granting access rather than restricting access.

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