App Building in Stacker

Stacker allows you to create beautiful, user-friendly apps powered by your data.

The interface is completely customizable and can be tailored to suit your workflow. You have control over which data is pulled into Stacker, how it is presented and how your users can interact with it.

We've designed Stacker to make app building really easy - when you connect a data source, an app will be created for you with Stacker's default layout. You can then configure that layout however you'd like to create the perfect software for your business.


Guide to App Building

When you first set up an account, you'll be prompted to connect a data source to create your first app. You'll be asked to name your new app and choose its appearance.

Once you've created an app and connected your data source(s), you can start configuring your app to fit your needs.

Here are some ways to customize your app:

Creating a new app

You can add additional apps to your workspace by clicking the '+' in the apps bar of your Stacker workplace:

Adding a new app in Stacker

Deleting an App

If you decide you no longer require one of your apps, you can easily delete it to remove it from your workspace:

  • Open App Settings for the app you'd like to delete
  • Open the General tab
  • Expand the 'Delete your app' section and press ' Delete'
  • You will be asked to type your app's name into the box to confirm deletion
How to delete your Stacker app
Deleting an app is irreversible - we cannot recover deleted apps!

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