Using conditional visibility in your app

The conditional visibility filter allows you to show or hide objects in your app, depending on certain conditions.

You can use conditional visibility in your list layout, detail layout and create form layouts to limit the visibility of an object. This can be based on a condition of the current record, or linked to a specific user role.



Conditional visibility and ownership filters are not security features. These features are intended to give flexibility in the appearance of your layouts. 

Conditional visibility on widgets and tab detail views do not prevent the data from being accessible to your users: these features only stop that data from being visible on the page.


Do not use these features for data security.


Use conditional visibility and ownership filters together with security features such as PermissionsRoles and Data Filters, to ensure your data is secure and never shared with anyone it shouldn’t be.

Enable filter on list layout

  1. C‍lick   Edit layout
  2. Click Filter
  3. Select relevant filter to apply to the list layout



In our Property app, we've duplicated a layout and applied a conditional filter to the layout, where we want the team member to easily access their profile layout as well being able to access the team layout.

To test this out we can preview as a team member to see one tab displays a profile page linked to them.


The second tab displays their team members.



Enable filters on detail layout

  1. Click Detail layout
  2. Click   Edit Layout
  3. Drag a detail widget onto your layout
  4. Toggle on the field you want to show
  5. Set the conditional filter for that widget



Conditional visibility can also be applied to:

When to use conditional visibility and ownership filters

  • Use when you want to highlight specific layouts to your users.

When NOT to use conditional visibility and ownership filters

  • There is sensitive data that you do not want other users to see. Filters are not permissions.

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