Creating links between tables

Who can use this feature?

👤  Available on all plans.

Links between tables enable you to share data across tables and data sources.

Create Links in Airtable base

  1. Click   Manage fields and data
  2. Go to the table you want to set the link, and click Fields.
  3. Click Add field and select Automatic Link.
  4. Enter a field name (we suggest choosing a name that accurately reflects the information the data is linking, e.g. 'Link to Client')
  5. Select a table you want to create the link to.
  6. Select which fields you want to link. Please note: in order for the linking to work, the values in the fields selected must be identical.
  7. Select the relationship type.
  8. Once saved, you will see the new field in the field list. The link is also visible in the table you've linked to — though it is not editable from this side.


In our Property app, we have created a link between our Sales table and our Team table. We want to assign each team member to sales.


We can now select names from the Team table to link to our Sales table.


You can use this to link between different Airtable bases or even different data sources. In order for the linking to work, the values in the fields selected must match exactly. Links must be created in an Airtable table to connect with other data sources. 

To delete the field, scroll to the linked field and use the trash icon to delete.

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