Creating links between tables

A very powerful aspect of Stacker is the ability to create links between tables, to enable you to share data across tables.

How to create links between tables in Stacker

First, navigate to your App Settings window and open the detail view for your data source by selecting the drop-down arrow.

Data sources in Stacker

Then, select the three dots for the table where you would like to add a link and select 'Fields'.

Data Sources in Stacker

This will open the Fields Settings for your table. Here's what to do next: 

  1. Click on '+ Add field' and select 'Link to another record'
  2. Enter a field name (we suggest choosing a name that accurately reflects the information the data is linking, e.g. 'Link to Client')
  3. Choose which table you want to link to
  4. Select which fields you want to link. Please note: in order for the linking to work, the values in those fields must match exactly.
  5. Once saved, you will see the new field in the field list.The link is also visible in the table you've linked to - though it is not editable from this side.
Creating links between tables in Stacker

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