Creating lookups and rollups between tables

Stacker allows you to create lookup and rollup fields directly within your app. This means you can pull together and summarise data from different data sources. We'll talk you through how to do that in this article.

First, navigate to  Manage fields and data > Fields > Add Fields 




This will open the Fields Settings for your table. Here's what to do next: 

  1. Click on '+ Add field' and select either 'Lookup' or 'Rollup'
  2. Enter a field name (we suggest choosing a name that clearly reflects the data that will be pulled in or summarised, e.g. 'Client Notes Lookup')
  3. Select the related field that will underpin the lookup or rollup.
  4. Then select the field from the linked table that you would like to look or roll up.
  5. Once saved you will see the new field in the field list. You have the option of deleting the field if necessary.

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