Applying data filters to your app

It is possible to apply data filters to your app to limit which information is synced from your data source into Stacker.

You can restrict which records are brought into your app by applying filters, meaning only records that meet those conditions will be visible.

How to apply a data filter

To restrict the records that are pulled into Stacker from a particular table, you need to apply data filters to that table.

To create a data filter:

  1. Navigate to the table you'd like to apply a data filter to.
  2. Open the Settings.
  3. Expand the data filter section of the window.
  4. Click on 'Add Condition' and select which field you'd like to base your filter on.
  5. Specify the condition you'd like fields to meet to be visible in the app.
  6. Click Save
How to apply a data filter in Stacker

👉 Please note: Data filters apply to you as an admin as well as your users. If you'd like to just restrict which records your users can access, you should use Stacker's permissions feature.

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