Edit the create form

Stacker allows you to customise the create form for each table in your app, so you can control how your users submit new records.

How to edit the 'create new record' form

Open up the '+ Add New' form for your chosen table. Then click  Edit layout. This will take you to design mode for the create form.

The default layout will only feature the fields that are included in your detail view.

You can instead choose to configure your own layout for the create form by switching off 'Use fields from detail view'.


Click the fields container until you get a blue highlight around it and the field settings will then appear. Toggle these on or off to control which fields appear on your form.

You can reorder the fields by clicking and dragging them.

You can also open up the settings for a specific field by hovering your mouse over it in the menu and clicking the pencil icon.

This will allow you to edit/hide the label, add a description or make it a required field (i.e. users cannot submit the form unless a value is provided for that field).

Advanced form settings

Stacker also allows you to create the appearance of a multi-step form and collect different information from users depending on who they are, or their answers to previous questions.

Check out how to this here.

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