Introduction to Permissions

Who can use this feature?

👤  Record Permission available on all plans. Advanced Permissions and User Roles are available on the Pro plan and above.

Permissions let you control what your users can see, and how they can interact with data in your apps. You can use permissions to:

  • Limit which pages the users can access
  • Limit which records a user can read, edit, create or delete

How do Permissions work?

By default, all users will be able to see, update, and create new records. If you would like to restrict access, you can set different permissions for each app, table and field.


You can grant permissions based on:

  • The user’s role. For example, manager or user.
  • The content of the record. For example, the record status.
  • Whether the user is linked to the record.

Admin users have access to all records regardless of the permission settings. 

Some examples of what you can do with permissions:

  • Allow employees to only see their own profile.
  • Limit clients to see only sales records linked to their own company.

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