What is Stacker?

Stacker is a no-code tool for building the software you need to empower your team, your clients, your partners, or your customers.

We’re backed by top-tier global investors, including Andreessen Horowitz, Y Combinator, and Initialized Capital.

Right now, software is the equivalent of illuminated manuscripts written by specially trained monks. We’re building the printing press.

Stacker’s mission is to allow anyone to build software without writing a line of code.

Stacker is designed to be so easy to use that absolutely anyone can build a web app while being powerful enough that you can build all the tools you need to run your business.

You can build an app that exactly fits your requirement while also having granular control over who sees and edits the data in your app through Stacker’s Permissions and Roles features — all without writing a line of code.


What can I build in Stacker?

Stacker is perfect for building portals, project trackers, CRMs, and internal tools.

For example, the accounting team at Zapier uses a Stacker app to manage team members’ budgets and to enable transparency.

"I had created a ton of Airtable bases to track all of our employees’ individual budget spend and everything was just visible within my team," said Brandi Shuttera, Manager of Accounting at Zapier. "We get a lot of questions asking for more details behind what employees had spent and how much budget they had left. So I was looking for something that would be able to let me connect all of the Airtable bases, pull them into one system, and only allow people to see their own information."

"I got really excited when I found Stacker because it was the exact solution I was looking for. Permissions were the number one thing we needed. I didn’t share Airtables with the whole company because I didn’t want everybody to see everyone else’s information."

In the end, Stacker saved Brandi and her team "hours or more a week".


You can see more examples of how teams are using Stacker on our Showcase page, including Meow Wolf’s client portal and Segment’s membership platform.

Create a single source of truth in Stacker

Stacker allows you to store the data you use to run your business directly in Stacker, or connect to your data wherever it lives, whether in Airtable or Google Sheets — where we support two-way sync — or one of the 60 other data sources we support.

What’s more, you can now build automated workflows and connect to over 5,000 apps thanks to Stacker’s integration with Zapier.

By bringing all their Airtable data into Stacker, Meow Wolf has found new efficiencies, as Associate Creative Producer Jessie Kelley explains: "The biggest impact Stacker’s had on our team is the ability to scale up. We’re at a place now where it feels like the sky is the limit — we can use it for so much more!"


Ready to try Stacker for yourself?

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