Customer Access

Limited availability

Customer Access is available in all Workspaces created before 1st October 2021. Workspaces created after that date don’t have the Customer Access feature—they use a unified user model instead. During 2022, we will work on integrating Customer Access with our unified user model. If you’re using Customer Access, you won’t lose any features in this transition, and you don’t need to take any action.

Customer Access allows your customers to access specific apps in your Workspace.

This is particularly useful in situations where you want your customers to access a limited number of the apps in your workspace. This could just be one app, or it could be a number of apps - the choice is yours.

Customers log in at an app-specific URL and see only the content of that app - they do not see the app bar or other apps contained within the Workspace. You can assign customers a particular Role in the same way as Workspace Users.

Customer Access users are nominated from a table in your data source. You must therefore make sure that your data source contains a column that contains their email addresses so that they can log in.

How to set up Customer Access:

First, you need to enable Customer Access

  1. Go to your App Settings and navigating to the Customer Access tab.
  2. Once you have clicked on 'Set up customer access' you'll see a toggle at the top of the window that says 'Enabled'
  3. The URL you can send out to your customers also appears here.


Next: Add a Customer List

  1. Within the same window, select '+ Add customer list'.
  2. Choose a list name and select the table your customer data is in.
  3. Select the field the email addresses are stored in.
  4. Each customer needs a unique email in order to appear in the customer list.


Advanced options

In the Advanced section, you can set filters so that only customers from the list who meet certain conditions can access the app. You can also set conditions so that user roles are automatically assigned to your customers.

You can customise the appearance of your app for customers by going to Appearance Settings within Customer Access settings.


Here, you can set the branding and upload a logo. You can also choose the URL your customers will use or add a custom domain if you have one.