Stacker Classic Transition

The new version of Stacker is packed with new features and improvements which enable you to go further with Stacker. There are however some key differences between the new version and Stacker Classic which mean we're having an extended period through to the end of the year for you to upgrade.

How to try the new Stacker experience

Login to your existing Stacker app, and click on the banner on Setup Home. This will create a new workspace for you to try the new Stacker experience, it will not convert your existing apps.


How to switch back to Stacker Classic

From the new Stacker experience if you want to switch back to Stacker Classic click on the user icon in the bottom left hand corner of the screen and select Open Stacker Classic. This will switch you back to the app selection screen of one of your Stacker Classic accounts.


Pricing Plan Changes

Nothing changes until you upgrade.

There is no change at all to your subscription or your apps until you upgrade to the new version of Stacker.

Keep your existing price.

All existing customers will be grandfathered into the new version of Stacker on the same pricing plan you're currently on. All plans now include unlimited apps within a workspace, so if you currently subscribe to multiple apps you'll receive a reduction in your bill when you upgrade to the new version.

New per user pricing for Stacker Admins.

The new pricing plans include additional charges for Stacker Admins above certain limits (5 on Starter, 10 on Plus and 20 on Pro). If you exceed this number of Stacker Admins then additional per user charges will be applied. See the pricing page for full details of these prices.

There is no per user pricing for your end users who can use the new Customer Access feature to access individual apps.

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