Importing data: Stripe

Who can use this feature?

👤  Available on All plans

Sync your subscription and customer data from Stripe into your Stacker app. 


This data source is currently in beta and is read-only

Connect Stripe

  1. Click   App Settings
  2. Click Data sources
  3. Click Stripe
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions


Once connected you can:

  • View your top Stripe customers alongside customer data stored in other datasources
  • Share limited Stripe data with your team or external stakeholders
  • Keep your account team alerted to upcoming renewals, cancellations, and delinquencies

Finding Stripe API key

This can be found from your Stripe dashboard, under Developers > API keys > Secret key.



  • This feature enables you to sync Stripe data but does not enable you to take and process Stripe payments within your Stacker app. 
  • Stripe connection is read-only, you cannot make any changes to Stripe Customers, Subscriptions or set up new Subscriptions, issue invoices from Stacker.

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