Importing your Stripe data

This data source is currently in beta and has limitations.

The Stripe integration allows you to sync your subscription and customer data from Stripe into your Stacker app. 


Example uses: 

  • View your top Stripe customers alongside customer data stored in Google Sheets or Airtable. 
  • Share limited Stripe data with your team or external stakeholders
  • Keep your account team alerted to upcoming renewals, cancellations, and delinquencies

You can try the Stripe integration directly from your App Settings - Data Sources.


Create the Connection

  • From your Data Sources settings, select Stripe to connect the additional data source.
  • Enter a custom name for your connection if you wish.
  • Enter your Stripe API key. This can be found from your Stripe dashboard, under Developers > API keys > Secret key.

Once the connection is complete, you can click on Stripe Customers or Stripe Subscriptions in the navigation bar to see the records coming in from Stripe.



Does this integration allow me to accept Stripe payments in Stacker?

No - this feature enables you to sync Stripe data but does not enable you to take and process Stripe payments within your Stacker app. 

Can I edit Stripe data in Stacker? 

No - the Stripe connection is read-only, so you cannot make any changes to the Stripe Customers or Subscriptions form Stacker, set up new Subscriptions, issue invoices, and so on. We do provide deep links from your Stacker app to the Stripe dashboard so you can quickly jump to the correct place for these actions though.

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