Who can use this feature?

👤  Available on all plans.

Note: This data source is currently in beta and is read-only.

Sync your contacts data (users and leads) from Intercom into your Stacker app. 

Connect Intercom

  1. Click   App Settings
  2. Click Data sources
  3. Click Intercom
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions


Once connected you can:

  • View your top Intercom customers alongside customer data stored in other datasources
  • Share limited Intercom data with your team or external stakeholders
  • Keep your account team alerted to users that are most active, or drifting away


This feature enables you to sync Intercom data but does not enable Intercom conversations within your Stacker app. 

If you would like to add in your Intercom chat, please contact Stacker support.

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