Who can use this feature?

👤  Available on all plans. 

Connect to our read & write PostgreSQL connector to create apps with data from your database. 

Connect to PostgreSQL

  1. Click  App Settings
  2. Click Add next to the PostgreSQL option 
  3. Enter username, password, and other information. 
  4. If you want the PostgreSQL data connector to be read-only, toggle on Mark data connection read-only. 
  5. Click Test connection to connect your PostgreSQL database 
  6. Once your connection test is successful, click Save Connection to create your PostgreSQL data connection


If we can't import any fields or tables (see below under Considerations) you will see a screen explaining which fields and tables have been skipped.

CleanShot 2023-09-05 at 11.43.07@2x.png


The PostgreSQL read/write connector has a few limitations. 

  1. The PostgreSQL connector will only import 50,000 records per table into your Stacker app. 
  2. Tables with multiple primary keys are currently only read-only. 
  3. PostgreSQL views are read-only. 
  4. We do not support all field types. Field types that are not supported are not imported, and you will not see them within your Stacker app. You can see what fields are not supported in the pop-up after initial schema sync.
  5. If any values of the first field are NULL, syncing data for views can fail if any values of the first column are NULL


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