Created By

The Created By Field feature allows you to select a field to store the record's creator in. Stacker will automatically populate this with the user who creates the record – even if you don't include the field on your create record layouts.

Set up created by field for users table

Using a link to the users table you can populate the created by field.

1. Set up a link to your users table from the table that you would like to set up the created by field on. In this example we have created a link from the company table to our Team table.


2. In Stacker go to App Settings -> Settings -> Created by field and select the link field.
3. To test that this works, preview as a user from the user table with the linked field shown in the create form.
4. When the user goes to create a new record in the company table, their name should now appear in the linked field.
This field does not need to be toggled on for this to work, this is just to test that this is filling the correct user. Once this is confirmed as working, the field can be toggled off but should still populate in the data source.
Be Aware
  • The field you select must be a relationship field to your User table.
  • The field will be populated with the value regardless of if you include it on your layout.
  • Make sure that the Created By field has update and create permissions set.
  • Created by field is not supported in Google sheets.

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