Created By Field

Who can use this feature?

👤  Available on all plans using Airtable as a data source.

The Created By Field automatically fills in the user who created the record. It is useful when you want to automatically link new records to the users who created them, or when you need to know who created a record.


Before using the Created By Field feature, you'll need to connect a User table. If you'd like to use the Created By Field for Workspace collaborators, you will need to add their emails to the User table in Airtable.

Set up Created By Field for app users

  1. In Airtable, create a linked record field from the Users table to the destination table where you want to use the feature. This will create a field on both tables.
  2. In Stacker, sync schema for your data source to get the new fields into Stacker.
  3. Enable the new fields in both tables, Users and the destination.
  4. Go to App Settings > [Table name] > Settings > Set Created By Field and select the linked field.


In our Properties app, we will be setting a Created By Field for our Properties table. Our Users table is called Team.


In the Properties table, we will create a linked record field to the Team table, called Link to Team. 


This will also create a corresponding field in the Team table. We will then sync our schema, and enable the new fields on both tables.
We will then go to  Manage Fields and Data > Properties >  Settings > Set Created By Field, and select the Link to Team field.

Testing the Created By Field

To test that the Created By Field works:
  1. Make sure the field is showing on your Create form for the table where you enabled Created By Field.
  2. Preview as a user That is in your Users table.
  3. Go to the Create form.
  4. If the Created By Field works, it will fill the field with the user's record.
After you've verified that the feature works, you do not have to show it on the form—it will continue working even if it's not visible. 


  • The field you select must be a linked record field linking your User table to the table where you want to use the field.
  • Make sure that your user has permissions to read and update the Created By Field on both the Users table and the destination table