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What is a multi step create form

In this tutorial we will be creating a multi step form using conditional filters. This will require multiple Field Widgets with various conditional filters applied to them.
The multi step create form will let you ask relevant follow on questions, showing users different sections of the form to fill in, according to their previous answer.

Setting up Airtable base

We will be creating a multi step create form on our Property app.

You will need a dropdown field with two options, "For Sale" and "To Lease" added into a property table.


Editing the create form

  1. Click the Add New button on the table you want to edit the create form
  2. Click   Edit Layout
  3. Toggle off "Use fields from detail view"
  4. Delete the default field container, we will be creating our own


Add in field containers

  1. Drag over the first field container until a red rectangle appears
  2. Drop the container onto the layout
  3. Toggle on the For Sale/To Lease field
  4. Add in a title



Drag in 2 more field containers for the "To Let" and "For Sale" section. There should now be 3 different field containers in the form.
The form should look something like this.

Setting visibility filters

  1. Click to highlight the Sale information container
  2. In Edit layout click "set conditional visibility"
  3. Select the field, in this example it will be the "For Sale/To Let" field 
  4. Select "For Sale" as the option
  5. Repeat this with the Lease information field container



Now when users select either "For Sale" or "To Lease" in the first field container, they will only be shown the relevant field container.
This is a great way to set up your form so that users will only see and fill out information that is relevant to them, without having a long form to look through.

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