Release Notes

January 18, 2022


  • If your lookup text fields had multiple values, we showed you only the first value. We can see clearly now, and will show you all the values. 🤓


  • When you logged out from your Workspace, you would sometimes see a blank screen. It made a good painting canvas, but it wasn't what we intended—you will now see your Workspace login screen instead. 🎨

January 13, 2022

This week's release brings more performance improvements, minor tweaks, and bug fixes.


  • If you have large apps, you should see significant performance improvements. ⚡️
  • We've reshuffled the order of items within the support widget. This should make it easier to get help when you need it.
  • You can now get to these release notes directly from your Stacker app. Open the support widget, and click What's new. Hello, nice to see you. 


  • Updated the support email address on the slow turtle screen that shows when records are too slow to load. We all love turtles, but hopefully you'll never have to see this one on your app. 
  • On some Stacker apps using Customer Access, the Customer Access list has disappeared. We found all the lists, and shepherded them back into the pen. 🐑 🤠

January 6, 2022

First release after the holiday break brings performance improvements and a few bug fixes.


  • On related record lists, search used to work only from page 1 of the list. You can now search from any page—we won't mind.
  • If you had Start in edit mode turned on and the user didn't have permissions to edit a record, they would still see the Save and Cancel buttons. We are no longer giving these users false hope. 
  • When users had access to only one app in a Workspace, the sidebar would hide some of the content. This forced users into an unwanted game of hide and seek, especially when using the inbox view. The sidebar has had its fun, and will no longer play games.

December 2, 2021


Add top navigation to your workspace app

You now have more control over your app's navigation. Starting today, you can enable top navigation in your workspace app. 


To use this feature, open your app's navigation settings and select Top in the Navigation placement dropdown. 


Performance improvements

Fast apps are the best apps. Every week, we release performance improvements to make Stacker apps snappier. This week, we released a performance package to decrease data load times for your users.


Bug Fixes

Fixed: The confirmation modal appears when navigating away from a detail view after saving a change to the record title.

Fixed: Enabled parent navigation item doesn't appear with only a single child item. 

Fixed: New users unable to access apps for up to fifteen minutes after receiving an invite in apps without a synced user table.

Fixed: Real-time data updates fail for records with permission rules applied. 

Fixed: Notifications in the notification menu direct users to an incorrect record.  

Fixed: Related lists display an error message when the underlying relationship field is deleted. 

Fixed: Related lists fail when the underlying synthetic relationship field is read-only 


November 18, 2021

Set an App Logo

You can now give each of your apps a unique visual identity by setting an app logo!  Previously, all apps in a workspace shared the same branding. To use this feature, open the Appearance tab in your app's settings. 

Performance Improvements

Every week, the Stacker team releases performance improvements to make your apps faster. This week, we released an update that will make complex list views load more quickly. 

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Unable to show the "None" column in a kanban view if the column doesn't contain records

Fixed: The default detail view layout displays the record title field inside the default field widget even though the record title is now editable inline. 

Fixed: The 'Hide Label' button appears next to fields in the Inbox and Kanban layouts even though the label is hidden by default. 


November 11, 2021


Compose Rich Text in Action Buttons

Sometimes markdown just doesn't cut it, so we just brought our rich text editor to action buttons. This feature gives your users the ability to compose beautiful content right in the Action Button modal! 


The rich text editor can now be turned on for any Airtable rich text field within the Action Button field options. 

Speed & Performance Improvements 

The Stacker team is going the extra mile to make apps load faster than ever. This week we made improvements to improve loading performance for all customers. 

Bug Fixes 

Fixed: Clicking on a container in edit mode navigates app makers to the top of the screen.

Fixed: Fields with a long name could not be toggled on in a pipeline widget.

Fixed: Action Button form fields prevented text to be entered in certain cases. 


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