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👤  Layout types are available on all plans. Features within layouts that aren't available will be clearly marked with the required plan within the app. 

Layouts let you customize what your data looks like. Stacker has 3 types of layouts:

Each data table has an independent set of layouts, which means you can have different looking layouts for each data table. Each layout has their own customization options. In our example, we'll be looking at the Open Positions page of our HR app.

List layout

By default, the List layout will show all rows of your data table. In the case of our HR app, the list view will show all open positions. All pages you open from the app menu are List layouts.


To edit a List layout:

  1. Click the page you want to edit in the app menu
  2. Click Edit layout


You can have multiple List layouts for the same table. See the multiple list layouts article for more information.

List layout customization options

When you edit a List layout, you will be able to:

Detail layout

You will see the Detail layout when you click a record in the List layout. In the data table analogy, Detail layout shows one table row at a time. In our HR app, you would see all details of an open position in the Detail layout. The Detail layout will be identical for all records within the table.


 To edit the Detail layout:

  1. Click the page you want to edit in the app menu 
  2. Click any record in the List layout.
  3. Click Edit layout 

Detail layout customization options

When you edit a Detail layout, you will be able to:

Create layout

Create layout lets you control what your app users will see when they create a new record. In our HR app, we see the Create layout when we click the Add new button to add a new position. 


To edit the Create layout:

  1. Click the page you want to edit in the app menu 
  2. Click Add new.
  3. Click Edit layout 

Create layout customization options

You can have only one Create layout per table. By default you will only see fields that are visible in the Detail layout. If you want to change that, uncheck Use fields from detail view in the Edit layout screen. You will then be able to:

  • Choose which fields will show and what they will look like
  • Choose when to show fields using conditional visibility


If you would like to prevent your users from adding new records, you can remove the add new button with permissions. Permissions articles

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