List: Inline Filters

Who can use this feature?

👤  Available on all plans.

Inline filters let your app users filter List layout records based on specific fields that you choose. These filters can be useful when your List layout has a lot of data. 


In our HR app, we use inline filters to quickly see job candidates with specific ratings.



Enable Inline Filters

You can enable inline filters on any List layout:

  1. Click   Edit Layout
  2. Click Inline Filters
  3. Toggle Enable filters
  4. Choose to toggle on specific fields
  5. Drag filters to reorder



Details on Inline Filters:

  • The fields used in Inline Filters do not need to be visible in the layout, but the user must have permission to view the field. 
  • Inline filters are available for all field types except Created by and Modified by fields.
  • We do not support field values that include commas. 
  • Filters currently only use the ‘AND’ logic.
  • You can use relative date filters (eg tomorrow, this week, last quarter) in inline filters.
  • You can filter currency, percentage, roll-up and formula fields using number operators: is equal to, is not equal to, is less than, is less than or equal to, is more than, is more than or equal to.

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