Detail: Delete Record Button

Who can use this feature?

👤  Available on all plans using Stacker Tables or Airtable data source.

Users can delete records in the detail layout using the Delete button

Add the Delete button 

The delete button is available on any Detail layout. Since deleting is a destructive process, the Delete button is removed by default. To add the button to your Detail layout:

  1. Go to the Detail layout of any record
  2. Click    Edit layout
  3. Click Page buttons
  4. Toggle on Delete button

You will need to add the Delete button for each data table separately.


Delete a record

You can delete one record at a time. To delete a record:

  1. Go to the Detail layout of a record you want to delete
  2. Click the Delete button
  3. Confirm the deletion

When you delete records in Stacker, they will be deleted in Airtable too. At the moment, we don't have logs or audit trails on who deleted the record.



If you're using permissions, the ability to delete is turned off by default for everyone except admins. You can choose who can delete records in your table Permissions.

Undelete records

Airable only: To retrieve deleted records, use the Base trash feature in Airtable. It's possible to restore records that have been deleted in the past seven days.

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