Table Permissions

Who can use this feature?

👤  Record Permission is available on all plans. Advanced Permissions and User Roles are available on the Pro plan and above.

Table Permissions

  • You can edit permissions for individual tables in App Settings. 
  • Each permission set grants users the ability to read, update or create data in fields on that table.
  • A user can access a table if any of the permission rules give them access.
  • By default, all users can read, update, and create data.


If you've been using Stacker for a long time, some of your tables may have permissions disabled. If permissions are disabled, then any user will be able to see, update and create data in all fields on the table.

Create a new permission

  1. Click   Manage table and data
  2. Select the table you want to add permissions
  3. Click Permissions
  4. Click the Pencil icon to edit or +Add Permission to create a new permission rule


Access all permissions

You can access all your permissions by clicking on   App Settings -> Permissions


Permission Overview

Each permission has icons and labels to help you understand your permissions at a glance

  • Permission: This shows the name of your permission rule and the user role the rule applies to. This is based on the Permission sharing section. 
  • Access: Determines which records the user can access. All records, some records or no records. This is based on the Record filters section. 
  • Read, Update, Create and Delete: whether users can perform this action on all fields (a green tick), some fields (a yellow dash), or no fields (a red cross). This is based on the Field access section. 
  • Actions: Allows you to edit or delete the permission rule.


On our property app, we have set the permissions on the Team table so that users with the role Team have access to all records, but they cannot create or delete records.


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