List: Field options

Who can use this feature?

👤  Available on all plans.

With field options, you can choose which fields you want to display to your users, and how you want to present them on the List layout.

Enable Fields in List Layout

  1. Click   Edit Layout
  2. Scroll to Fields
  3. Toggle the field you want your users to see

Field customization

You can further customize the fields in the List layout by hovering over the field and clicking the pencil icon. 


Different field types have different customizations, for example, you can choose to treat a field as a URL or display an attachment field as an image. Full list of customization options for each field type:


Field Type Customization Options
Attachment Display as image
Checkbox Default, Filled, or Big CleanShot_2023-04-25_at_08.42.17_2x.png
Currency -
Record link -
Date, Date time
Formula Treat as URL
Wrap text
Long text, Rich text Wrap text
Lookup related value Wrap text
Multi-record link Wrap text
Multiple select -
Number -
Percentage Number, Bar, or Ring CleanShot_2023-04-25_at_08.44.51_2x.png
Roll-up related records Treat as URL
Wrap text
Single select -
Text Treat as URL
Wrap text
URL Display as image
Display as button
Open in New tab
Add link text



  • If you are unable to see the field when previewing as a user, double check your user has permission to view the field.