Detail: Edit Button

Who can use this feature?

đŸ‘¤  Available on all plans.

The edit button lets your users update specific records in your Detail layout. Only the field widget is editable to users—other widgets such as Highlights or Banner are not editable.



You can set up Permissions to choose which records and fields users can edit. The ability to edit specific fields is controlled by the Update permission.

Set conditional visibility

Choose under what conditions the Edit button is visible. 

  1. Select   Edit Layout
  2. Select Page Buttons
  3. Toggle on the Edit button
  4. Select the Eye icon
  5. Set your filters


Start in Edit Mode

You can choose to start in Edit Mode on your detail layout, this makes it easier for your users to immediately edit the records without having to click the edit button.

  1. Click   Edit Layout
  2. Click the 3 dots 
  3. Check Start in edit mode


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