Action Buttons

Who can use this feature?

👤  Available on all plans.

Action buttons let you update specific fields on a record. You can add action buttons on both the List view and the Detail view.

Create action buttons in list layout

Add action buttons to your list layout:

  1. Click  Edit Layout
  2. Click the Actions tab
  3. Click + Add New to create a new button


Action buttons are not available on Kanban Board and Inbox view display.

Create action buttons in detail layout

Add an action button to your detail layout:

  1. Go to your Detail layout
  2. Click  Edit Layout
  3. Click Page Buttons
  4. Click Add new
  5. Choose the record(s) the user can update



Add Action Button in a Field widget

  1. Go to your Detail layout
  2. Click  Edit Layout
  3. Click a field widget to add to your detail layout
  4. In the  Edit layout sidebar, click the Actions tab
  5. Toggle on the action button and edit the appearance by selecting the pencil icon
  6. Click Save layout

Edit Action Button 

To edit an action button: 

  1. Toggle on the action button
  2. Select the Pencil icon

When using your Action Button in a Field widget, you can choose the buttons:

  • Position by changing the Display setting
  • Button style by changing the Button Style setting
  • Conditional visibility by clicking the eye icon next to the action button




Confirmation Modal

Update record Action buttons do not show a pop-up by default if your users do not need to make any edits. Allowing you to use your Stacker app to approve tasks or manage workflows smoothly and easily. 


In the example, selecting the Action button "Move to Screening" updates the Stage to "Phone Screen"


With this default setting, a user may not see a pop-up in a number of scenarios, for example:

  • When all fields on the action button do not need editing. For example, an action button that is set to update a field with a default value and does not allow user to edit value.
  • When action buttons allow users to edit the value of a field but the user does not have permission to edit.

It is possible to override this setting. For certain actions, you may still want to show a pop-up even if users don’t have to make any edits. 


Always show confirmation modal:

  1. Click  Edit Layout
  2. Under Actions, toggle the button you want to edit on
  3. Click the pencil icon
  4. Click Update record
  5. Check Always show confirmation modal
  6. Click Save


Delete an Action Button

There are two ways to delete your action buttons.

Delete from Edit Layout

  1. Go to detail view
  2. Click   Edit layout 
  3. Select Page Buttons
  4. Untoggle the button and a trash icon will appear


Delete from the Data Grid

  1. Go to  Manage fields and data
  2. Select the table with the button
  3. In the top right click Actions
  4. Click the 3 dots next to the button
  5. Click Delete


It is only possible to update a record with Action Buttons at the moment. If you would like to see the Action button do something else, please add this to our features request board.

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