Who can use this feature?

👤  Available on all plans.

Clicking through your app with a mouse can sometimes be time consuming. You can speed up your workflow using our command bar and keyboard shortcuts.

Command bar

A command bar is a central hub where you can quickly go to certain parts of your Workspace, or do simple actions.


To open the command bar, press Cmd + K on Mac or Ctrl + K on Windows. If you'd like you can navigate through the command bar using only your keyboard.


You will see different options based on your role and the page you're on, and you can search for anything you want to do. For example, if you would like to change Workspace settings, type in settings.


With the command bar you can:

  • Switch between apps and Workspaces
  • Open app and table settings
  • Create a new record, an app, or a Workspace

Keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut Action Where
Cmd + K (on Mac)
Ctrl + K (Windows)
Open command bar Anywhere
N Create new record Current page
E Edit record Detail layout, One record display
J Next Record Detail layout
K Previous Record Detail layout
G, then H Opens our help center Anywhere
Shift + E Edit layout Anywhere