Workspace Settings

Who can use this feature?

👤  Available on all plans.

Manage your Workspace settings, appearance, collaborators.

Open Workspace Settings

  1. Click the building icon 
  2. This will open up your Workspace Settings




  • Change the name of your Workspace
  • Change the URL of your Workspace
  • Add a custom domain (only available on Pro plan or higher)


  • Add your logo into the app
  • Add a logo icon to the login screen
  • Change the default color on your Workspace (it is not possible to add a custom color yet)
  • Change the background of your Workspace
  • Choose the type of branding you would like for your Workspace


  • Add Collaborators to the Workspace


  • Download your invoices
  • See your plan
  • Upgrade your plan


  • Choose what your collaborators can do and see in the workspace

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