Users: Overview

Who can use this feature?

👤  Available on all plans.

There are two types of users in your Workspace:


Collaborators will automatically have access to all non-private apps, which makes provisioning access much easier. They can also:

  • Automatically have access to non-private apps
  • Access all the apps they are granted access to
  • Be allowed to create their own apps in the Workspace
  • Be made admins on existing apps
  • Log in using SSO (Enterprise only)

A limited number of collaborators is included in each pricing plan. Every collaborator above your plan's limit is an additional $19 per month.

Collaborator roles

Collaborators can be in one of two Workspace roles.

  • Owners 
  • Standard

You can choose how different the roles are with Workspace permissions:


App Users

App users need to be provisioned to each app separately, either manually in Stacker, or by connecting a User table.

App users can:

  • Access all the apps they are granted access to 
  • Have App Roles and Permissions applied to them
  • Be synced in from a user table in your data source or added directly into the app

App users cannot:

  • Create their own apps
  • Be made admins on existing apps

App users don't count towards your pricing plan limit. 

When to use Collaborators or App users

If you want a person to be able to edit your Workspace or manage Apps, you will want to add them as a collaborator. If a person only needs access to see, edit and create data within apps, add them as an app user. 

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