Users: Workspace Collaborators

Who can use this feature?

👤  Available on all plans.

See our Users: Overview article to understand the difference between Workspace Collaborators and App Users.

Add Collaborators to your Workspace

  1. Click Workspace Settings
  2. Click Collaborators
  3. Type in the email address 
  4. Choose collaborator type Owner or Standard


Add collaborators to your apps as a user

Collaborators will automatically be added to all non-private apps, unless you have connected a user table and selected the Automatic mode. If you have selected the Automatic mode, please add the collaborators to the User table you connected.

Add collaborators to your apps as an admin

When you've added the collaborator, you might want to add them as an app admin.

  1. Click the app you want the user to have access to
  2. Click   Manage users
  3. Click Administrator
  4. Select the user in the dropdown menu
  5. Click Add
  6. To remove a user click Edit and the x 


Granting admin access for an app to a workspace collaborator you will enable them to configure the app's settings and layouts. Admin access also enables a collaborator to see and edit all data in your app—you cannot apply permissions to them.

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