List: Duplicate Layout

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You can duplicate list views to create nested items in your navigation—allowing you to create many layouts of the same data. Settings can be set to create layouts for different types of users. 

Duplicate a layout

  1. Go to the layout you want to duplicate
  2. Click  Edit Layout
  3. Click the page icon next to the layout's name
  4. Enter a new layout name


The name will show in the navigation item, the list title, and the URL of your new list layout. 

Edit a duplicated layout

When you duplicate a layout, you will see the new layout as a nested menu item. Each list layout's settings are independent—you can edit layouts without affecting others. 
In our Property app, we have created a duplicate layout for our team's table. On the first layout, we want to show the user's profile and on the second layout, we want to show the whole team.
To make these layouts different, we can set the display type of the My Profile layout to One record only. We can then set a conditional filter so that the record only shows the user's profile. 
We can check that this works by previewing as users.
For the Teams layout, we can leave the layout as it is so the user can see all the team members when clicking that layout.


  • List layouts will show as nested items under the original layout in your navigation bar.
  • List layouts can have different settings such as filters and display layouts. 
  • There can be only one "One Record Only" page per table.
  • Each nested layout will use the same records detail layout.

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